Elizabeth Andrews, Belle Davis, & Pepper Sterling are Sir Knott's G-Women

55 photos; 6:47 video

G-Women Elizabeth Andrews and Belle Davis, along with their superior Pepper Sterling, are held by an evil counterfeiter who plans to hold them as bait so nobody can interfere in his business. Liz and Pepper argue about being tied up until Belle yells at both to shut up. This prompts their captor to enter and gag them with matching white cloths. As they are held in the room, Liz overhears a commotion from the bad guys and rolls to the door. Pepper, ever the leader, wants an immediate update despite the gags, which Liz is too eager to tell her to shut up. Finally, the bound and gagged G-Women band together to get free as Belle has had enough, but will they all free each other?

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