Jamie Knotts: Agent Knotts Snoop Caught

30 photos; 11:02 video

Agent Jamie Knotts was hot on the trail of this countefieter and criminal for a while now, and finally she had the jump on him. Attending a conference under a different identity, Jamie has snuck into the man's room to find the incriminating evidence she needs to put his operation away. She is about to find it when she hears the front door open. Desperate, Jamie hides in the closet and holds her breath while the man nearly opens it, hearing a noise. Jamie thinks she is free... until her phone goes off. Now caught, Jamie is held in the room. Her wrists are bound behind her, her ankles and knees also bound, and she is OTM gagged with a thick white cloth. As she looks on listening to her captor speak to the mastermind, she can only listen and squirm. He leaves her alone and she struggles to get free. But is the man she followed really what he says he is?

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