Jamie Knotts: What A Class Act

22 photos; 9:16 video

Heiress Jamie Knotts has been the victim of a scheme to steal her inheritance by her greedy accountant. She stumbles onto his plot so he has to make a quick plan. He lashes the blonde beauty to a chair and on screen he tightly cleave gags her with a thick, white cloth. He then places a suitcase near her which is ticking. A bomb will go off once the man is far away. What he didn't count on was that her bodyguard, who was sent on a wild goose chase, came back early and was hiding nearby. 

As Jamie struggles to get free, she overhears a fight outside, and her bodyguard returns. He brags to her about heroically saving the day as the bound and gagged Jamie tries to warn him about the dangerous device near both of them. Once he takes the gag off (which takes a while because he likes seeing the arrogant Ms. Knotts gagged for once) she tells him the contents of the bag, and he throws it out the window, saving the two of them.

This was an homage to one of my favorite all-time DiD scenes and Jamie played her part to perfection.

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