Elizabeth Andrews: Serial Damsel Complete (B&W Vintage Version)

16:47 video

Okay, I've milked this set for as much as I have, but here's the true vintage B&W serial version of the gorgeous Elizabeth Andrews.

Elizabeth Andrews is a secretary who learns that her boss is actually a nefarious villain. She is warned by district attorney Grant Granderson (Hey, it's a serial homage) not to get caught but she is determined to find evidence that her boss is indeed the head of a crime ring. She does find it but is soon caught by the gang. Liz is bound to a chair and OTM gagged with a thick, white cloth as a (GASP!) bomb is placed as a trap for Grant. Can Liz work her gag off in time to warn the crusader?

This time, the well-dressed beauty falls back into the clutches of her nefarious ex-boss, who escapes from prison because he heard we were filming a sequel clip. Anyway, Liz is held as bait for our hero Grant Granderson to fall to his doom. Liz is heavily bound and this time OTM gagged with a thick, black cloth. Liz does her best to warn our hero who once again must race against time to save the damsel and himself.

To me, very few play the damsel as well as Elizabeth Andrews and it was a complete honor to do this set with her.

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