Caroline Pierce & Pandora Jones: Cuffed & Microfoamed

60 photos; 4:27 video

The duo of Caroline Pierce and Pandora Jones have done it again. They've found themselves caught and bound and gagged in two short vignettes. In the first, the two evening gown-wearing damsels who are cuffed and bandanna gagged with red bandannas. The two are thrown into a closet where they bicker through their gags at each other. Finally they just kick the door open and walk out to freedom.

Or do they?

Next up, we see the two now taped up with microfoam tape, with the same white tape wrapped around their smart mouths. The two though write sensually through their binds and gags, and try to rub the gags against each other to loosen it but the tape is well applied.

Caroline and Pandora are personally two of my favorites to work with and this summarizes how terrific they are to work with together.

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