Claire Irons: Desperate Motive

200 photos; 8:19 video

Claire Irons was tricked by a sinister man claiming to be a long-lost family member who secretly wanted her estate and money. She finds him out but he gets the jump on her. With his accomplice, they truss up Claire in her kitchen with rope and silence her by gagging her with duct tape. She listens as he explains that he needs her alive at the moment to transfer all her assets to him and that they will be taking over her identity soon. He leaves her to struggle. Claire, desperate, sees that her phone was left on the kitchen island and she reaches for it. Before she can use it to call for help, the man returns and takes it away from her. He leaves her bound and gagged on the kitchen floor, with no hope of rescue coming.

Moments later, Claire is still writhing about the floor trying to get free when the man returns. He asks Claire if she has to go to the bathroom and offers to untie the rope around her ankles. Claire can only nod yes as the tape, despite being a single strip, is stuck well to her face. The man does remove the tape and asks if she is okay. Claire responds that she is going to kick his ass, and reveals that her hands were free. 

Enjoy this exciting video with nearly 200 action packed photos.

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