Pepper Sterling: The Collection

21:45 video

There are few in this industry who enjoy being tied up more than the charming and beautiful Pepper Sterling. In this collection of videos shot in 2017, these prove that Pepper can do it and looks great in any pose.

In our first video, Pepper is a captured spy heavily tied to a large chair with hands in front. She is thorougly gagged with a white cloth knotted in front, keeping her jaw open and effectively making her unable to make loud noises. The knotted cleave is switched soon to a duct tape gag, but she makes a little too much noise. A black cloth OTM over the tape will muffle her cries a little better.

Then, a casually clad Pepper is heavily bound and OTM gagged with a white cloth. Pepper manages to hop to the door and shake her gag off, but she falls into the arms of her captor again. The result is a ballgag for Pepper, and she drools through the think rubber ball keeping her mouth open and silenced. Pepper hops to the window and hopes someone can see her. Someone does, but it's her captor yet again. He switches the rope for tape and heavily tapes her up, wrapping her mouth with tape and effectively gagging her.

Finally, Pepper is in a bathrobe and held in a bathtub. Her hands are bound behind her, her ankles are bound, and she is very tightly cleave gagged with a blue cloth. The perilous Pepper tries to free herself and escape her captivity, closing out this collection.

Pepper is amongst the best I've ever worked with and this collection proves it. 

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