Elizabeth Andrews, Pepper Sterling, & Belle Davis: The Captured Trio Collection

36:39 video

In my many years of shooting, I only had the opportunity once to shoot with three lovely ladies at the same time, and thanks primarily to Liz and David Andrews, this was accomplished in 2017. Enjoy all the sets done on that day:

-Evil domme Liz has Belle and Pepper in her clutches, and first tapes them up back to back and tightly wraps tape over their mouths. Then, she ballgags and cuffs the duo for her own pleasure.

-In "Sir Knott's G-Women," agents Liz, Belle, and Pepper are held in a room bickering over whose fault it was that their cover was blown. It causes the three to get OTM gagged with tight, white cloths as main and Liz tries to find a means to escape. Boss Pepper is still upset she isn't in charge, even while bound and gagged. And Belle just wants to escape these two altogther.

-Finally, heiress Pepper, Belle, and Liz are all held hostage at a gala event and held in the back, all bound and cleave gagged with thick, white cloths. While Pepper and Liz feel the danger, a tipsy Belle thinks this is fun. 

-An extra dose of gaggage of the three in nice evening gowns follows as the three are bandanna cleave gagged, then silenced with strips of duct tape.

The wide array of bondage is presented in this collection featuring three of the finest ever to grace the fetish industry.

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