Tilly McReese 2020 Compilation

44:55 video

Before the pandemic hit I was fortunate enough to shoot with Irish beauty Tilly McReese for the first time in February 2020 and was able to do several sets with her. This compilation is all of Tilly's sets in one video package.

We begin with detective Tilly McReese caught by the person she was trying to get incriminating information on, and is held captive in a room. She is against the floor, bound at the wrists, ankles, thighs, and rope coiled around her bosom. She is OTM gagged with a white cloth. 

Next, Tilly is a diva held hostage in two sets. In the first, Tilly is handcuffed in a closet to a coat rack spread eagle, and a thick, knotted white towel is tied in her mouth, effectively gagging her. Tilly tries to squirm her way out and convinces her captor to remove the gag. An attempt at seduction results in a swift kick to the groin. Tilly is now tied on the bed, OTM gagged with a black cloth for her troubles. Her captor returns with an unexpected result.

We go from cloth to tape as Tilly is now casually dressed and all taped up. The Celtic beauty is taped around her tors, her legs, hands behind her back, thighs, knees, and ankles. She is wraparound tape gagged with the same sticky substance. Well gagged, Tilly tries to get herself free and searches for a pair of scissors. She succeeds and tries to get the tape off her body.

Next up is a personal favorite as Tilly McReese is a maid at a party and is discovered as being an undercover spy during a big party held at the estate she is scoping out. She is kept away on a top floor from everyone. She is bound hands behind and ankles together, and is cleave gagged with a black cloth. She struggles to find a way out, but when her captor reutns, the gag is removed and she is interrogated. Tilly, a master of accents, uses many to disguise her true identity. She is regagged and left alone. This time, the plucky heroine manages to escape.

Finally, a real treat as Tilly McReese wants to be your Valentine in this sensual set where she is a literal Lady In Red (with red being the only color in the video). She uses a polka dotted red scarf to gag herself OTM style and cuffs her wrists behind her back. Tilly writhes seductively on the bed, waiting for her lover to give him her Valentine's gifr. She hopes she is pleased but the truth is we all are.

Any way you put it, Tilly McReese is a fantastic model and this compilation shows her range and versatility. Some ew content with Tilly will be uploaded to Knotty Damesls soon but for now enjoy this extended look at the Celtic stunner.

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