The Very Best of Caroline Pierce and Pandora Jones

38:05 video

Whenever Caroline Pierce and Pandora Jones get together, there is no doubt going to be fun and mischief. I've had the fortune of shooting with this fantastic duo three times and here are the highlights from each shoot.

In the first set I ever did with them, Caroline and Pandora were led into a room and the next thing they know, the two are bound on the floor back to back, and OTM gagged with white cloths. Caroline is stunned to find that Pandora is sleeping through this ordeal and wants to get out of their situation. After bickering, their captor returns and informs them a pair of scissors is hidden somewhere in the room. The two make an effort to find them but are taken again. In the next scene, the two are more serious about their plight as the ropes and cloth are replaced with duct tape. Taped up heavily and gagged with a strip of tape from ear to ear, the two damsels struggle and try to get themselves free.

In our second set, amateur detective Pandora has been caught while snooping and is set as a trap for her mentor Caroline to rescue her. Pandora, in professional business attire, is bound hands behind back, knees, and ankles, OTM gagged with a black cloth, and is not happy when Caroline, on cue, comes to save Pandora. But... Caroline being Caroline, she has to scold her pupil on the dangers of not being alert to her situation and winding up bound and gagged. As Caroline states how free she is, she doesn't notice the bad man behind her, and is quickly subdued. Now, Caroline finds herself bound and OTM gagged with a black cloth just like Pandora. Unlike her partner, Caroline does not want to hear "I told you so," but the gagged Pandora lectures her anyway through a gag.

Next up, Caroline and Pandora are two heiresses held for ransom, and you would think they would be scared, but the two beautiful ladies have dealt through this before, and through their cleave gags (first blue bandannas, then white cloths), they openly mock and ridicule their captor to the point it brings him to tears. Finally, he tapes their mouths shut, throws them in a closet, and leaves them there, feeling no reward is worth getting for keeping those two around.

Finally, in a never-before scene, detectives Caroline and Pandora are handcuffed, cleave gagged with red bandannas, and thrown into a closet so the person they were tailing can get away. The two bicker and mmpph through their gags and manage to open the door. However, they get out too quickly and their captor decides to add more bondage to their situation. He uses microfoam tape to tape their ankles together and wraps the sticky tape over their mouths and around their heads. Both Caroline and Pandora are actually enjoying their time all taped up and admire each other through the thick wraps of tape.

These are amongst my favorite all-time sets because both Caroline and Pandora are wonderful models who just have the best improv skills. They are natural, beautiful actresses and the best damsels. Enjoy this collection!

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