The Best of Fayth On Fire

34:49 video

In my 20 plus years of producing DiD content, there is probably nobody who enjoys doing what she does more than Fayth On Fire. I have shot with Fayth several times and here is the best of Fayth from various shoots.

We begin with Fayth bound in tape and gagged with a tight wraparound tape gag. She is first in a bathtub wondering how she got there and begins to struggle. However, she is discovered by her captor and is soon taped up to a chair. The ever-vigilant Fayth spots a pair of scissors which she tries to hop to get free.

In the second clip, Fayth is a burglar set to steal a valuable item inside a briefcase. She thinks she is successful but discovers it is a trap to grab her. She is bound with rope and wraparound tape gagged with microfoam tape. Fayth emotes, pouts, and struggles to her best efforts, but her troubles only get her further in trouble, as she is next tied thoroughly to a chair, cleave gagged with red cloth (with stuffing), and blindfolded with a blue cloth.

In a never-before-posted segment, enjoy a short vignette of Fayth On Fire casually bound and OTM gagged with a thick, white cloth.

Next up Pandora Jones joins Fayth as business partners who are taken during a huge seminar, left bound hand and foot, and cleave gagged with white cloths. It is soon discovered that one of the two is in on the hostile takeover. 

Finally, Fayth is once again wraparound tape gagged (Hey, she looks amazing wearing them!) and bound with rope as she is locked in a hotel room and tries desperately to escape. Her muffled groans are the stuff of legend here.

Enjoy 35 minutes of action-packed video starring one of the best in the industry today.

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