The Best Of Belle Davis

32:56 video

Beautiful Belle Davis is one alluring damsel, with the mouth of a sailor to boot, so it's always a pleasure to gag her. 

-It's morning time as Belle wakes up to find herself lying on a couch, bound and OTM gagged with a white cloth. Belle has no memory of how she got there, but she must escape, and now. She manages to do so in the nick of time.

-Next up, clad in green, Belle is tied to a chair and cleave gagged with a knotted red cloth keeping her quiet and her jaw locked. Belle tries to struggle and call for help as her captor leaves her. He returns but replaces the red gag with a white cloth OTM gag.

-Belle is then on the bed, taped up and gagged with a strip of duct tape. She seems to enjoy being in captivity as when her gag is removed, it is quickly placed back on.

-Finally, Belle is a bounty caught by a bounty hunter who has to keep her overnight before he turns her in. Of course, Belle just doesn't shut up so he cuffs her to a chair and cleave gags her with a red bandanna. Still able to hear her motor mouth, Belle's bandanna is stuffed in her mouth and it is taped shut. 

These clips prove that Belle is one of the most beautiful and fun damsels to work with.

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