Vivian Ireene Pierce: The Executives Wife Part 1

It is Christmas time at the company office party and Vivian Ireene Pierce, the wife of the CEO, has excused herself from the party at the hotel to sneak into a room alone. It seems that Vivian has had a secret affair with an employee and has decided to meet him while the festivities go on below. 

The exotice Pierce has had a fantasy of being held hostage in a place where her husband is nearby, and wants to be helpless, so her lover delivers her wish. He ties the suit-clad Vivian to a chair and cleave gags her tightly with a blue bandanna. The sultry damsel mmpphhs in pleasure at her captivity, but as she is getting turned on by the moment, her lover reveals a surprise.

He tells Vivian that he is going to leave her here for her husband to find her, and will tell the details of the affair if he doesn't get a huge raise. He leaves Vivian alone, but decides to secure her mouth to make sure nobody can hear her while he tells her husband.

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