Vivian Ireene Pierce: Captured Cop

Police officer Vivian Ireene Pierce is on the trail of a known criminal and tracks him down to a hideout on the edge of town. The anxious VIP, looking to get credit for a big bust, enters the facility unannounced and begins to search around the place. With her back turned, she is surprised by the criminal and led by force to the back room. 

Vivian finds herself handcuffed with her own cuffs, her ankles bound with rope, and she is cleave gagged with a thick white cloth. She tries to get undone and is told that she will be left there while her captor plans an escape. As she struggles, she overhears a commotion nearby and learns that the criminal has been apprehended. 

Relieved, Vivian sees her partner who lowers her gag. He gives her a lecture on how not to go to dangerous spots alone and she says that she learned her lesson. However, her partner didn't bring his own cuffs and has no key so Vivian has to wait for someone to free her. When she starts to ridicule him about not being responsible enough to bring keys, he gags her again and leaves her muffled and upset.

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