Monica Jade: The Captured Housewife

The sultry Monica Jade is a bored housewife from the 1950s who was bored with herself. She was tired of the same routine every day. Wake up, serve her husband, then clean the house all day long. She wasn't even allowed to leave the house. The one time she did, she wound up in the middle of a chase and taken by a robber. To keep her hostage, he takes Monica to a hotel room at the edge of town, where he ties her up good. Her hands are bound behind her back, her ankles are roped, and her chest is tied by many coils of rope. Monica's mouth is stuffed and she is OTM gagged with a polka dotted white and blue cloth.

At first Monica protests being in such peril, but soon she finds that she is excited, because for the first time in a long time, she is the focus of attention. When the robber returns, he is surprised to find her very turned on by the experience. He changes the gag to a cleave and watches as Monica moans pleasantly through the gag and writhes seductively for his, and for her own, pleasure.

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