Caroline Pierce: Caught Undercover

33 photos; 14:22 video

Agent Caroline Pierce was working deep undercover for a group of criminals who were planning a big bank robbery. However, right before the heist was about to happen, Caroline's cover was blown and she was taken nearby, stashed in a hotel room overlooking the bank. The masked criminal begins binding Caroline, who demands she be released as she is not an agent but the man refuses. Caroline still mouths off so the man cleave gags her with a white cloth. It's still not enough to shut Caroline up so he reveals himself. It's Caroline's partner who was working with the group as well. He says that she was due to be terminated but he saved her. He insists to keep her out of the way, and knowing the glory hog Caroline is, has to keep her bound and gagged. He leaves her be as Caroline witnesses the attempted robbery, cheering on her partner as they get the jump on the criminals. When he returns, he ungags Caroline, who is sad that she won't get credit for the bust. He says it was a joint effort and leaves her be in victory, but forgetting to untie the embarrassed agent.

This is probably the funniest clip I've ever done with Caroline.

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