Fayth On Fire and Pandora Jones: The Betrayal

52 photos; 11:08 video

Businesswoman Fayth On Fire and her assistant Pandora Jones are held hostage at a conference where they are kept in a corner of a conference room, bound and cleave gagged with white cloths. The two are helpless and try to communicate with each other but to no avail. Their captor leers over them, making sure they remain quiet, but soon he has had enough. He wants information and he wants it now, so he drags Pandora into a nearby bathroom where he says he's going to have some fun with her. Once in the bathroom, Pandora's gag is removed and it is revealed that Pandora is in on the setup. She gives the man everything he needs to know about Fayth's business and they decide to let the ruse go. They re-enter and Pandora is free. Fayth is stunned and betrayed as she is left alone with her secrets on her success now known by her assistant. To add insult to injury, Pandora slaps a strip of duct tape over Fayth's mouth to ensure nobody can hear her. By the time Fayth gets free, she is hurt and upset that her former assistant is long gone.

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