Carissa Montgomery: Spoiled Heiress Held For Ransom

60 photos; 11:39 video

Carissa Montgomery is a spoiled heiress who is being held for ransom. Tied to a chair, the conservatively dressed Carissa has her hands lashed to the chair arms, her feet are bound together, and rope is coiled around her chest. When she protests her situation, her captor cleave gags her with a red bandanna. Leaving her while he makes the ransom call, Carissa looks around the dingy hotel room and spots a fire alarm sprinkler. When her captor returns and removes the gag, she requests a cigarette. The captor obliges and places one in her mouth, lighting it. Carissa leaves the cigarette dangling from her mouth as the captor leaves. She moves her chair to a garbage can, hoping that she can ignite a small fire to set the alarm off. However she is caught before she can do so and her captor is not pleased. He decides for that and her mouthy attitude, he must punish her more, so he wraps microfoam tape (on screen) several times over her mouth and around her head, wrapping it so tight Carissa's eyes nearly bulge. Now Carissa will know never to make that mistake again, if her husband pays the ransom in time.

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