Fayth On Fire: Detective Caught and Taped

39 photos; 8:14 video

Fayth On Fire is a detective whose cover has been blown. The last thing she remembers, a hood was placed over her head and she blacked out. She awakens in a hotel bathroom, stashed away, bound and gagged with tape wrapped over her mouth. She starts to come to and tries to figure out where she is. She works furiously to get out of the tub as she knows she can reach the door if she can. Once she does, the door opens, and Fayth is surprised to see her ex-partner as her captor. He is keeping her out of the way so he can score the caper on his own, but he must make sure she is more secure. He moves her to another room and tapes her securely to a chair, still wraparound tape gagged. Fayth, now left alone, struggles furiously until she sees a pair of scissors nearby. Can Fayth rescue herself?


(Note: This clip originally appeared on Fayth On Fire's Clip 4 Sale site)

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