Caroline Pierce & Pandora Jones: Snoop Lesson Backfires

64 photos; 10:22 video

Pandora Jones is new to her job as a snoop for the Agents of... Whatever (does it matter?!) and gets a lead on a case. However she blows it and is caught by her pursuer. Held in a room, Pandora is bound and OTM gagged with a thick, black cloth. She did manage to send a signal to her superior Caroline Pierce though, and soon Caroline comes to resue her. However, instead of untying the rookie snoop, Caroline decides to take this time to scold her partner on the dangers of snooping alone and how to successfully not get caught, bound, and gagged. What Caroline doesn't know is the man sneaks up behind her and knocks her out. Soon, Caroline is trussed up and OTM gagged with Pandora, and the two argue back and forth through muffled mouths on how to get out of this situation.

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